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Client Name: ITCA
Platform: WordPress
Launched: September 2014

ITCA is a global leader in software licensing compliance, helping software development companies track down millions of dollars in lost revenue through piracy and unlicensed software. A black or dark colored site can be hard to pull off, but the bold design really makes their brand stand out.


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"I felt that with Meticulosity, nothing was that big of a challenge. If something went wrong, it was addressed very quickly. I felt like there wasn’t resistance when I needed something changed or came up with a new idea, and I like that."

Review Summary:
The client remains very pleased with the site built by Meticulosity. According to the client, the successful launch of their WordPress website was met with great praise and positivity from end users. Meticulosity received further recognition for their flexibility and attentiveness, but it was recommended by the client that they try to remain within the designated schedule wherever possible. Meticulosity comes highly recommended.

Karen Singh IT Complaince Association

Independent Review