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A good reputation can go a long way. With Google AdWords Review Extensions, you have the opportunity to include reviews, awards and testimonials below your text ads. And what’s even better? These extensions make your ads more prominent and increases CTR, which makes it a great tool to leverage!

Here’s an example of what a Review Extension looks like:

An example of what a Review Extension looks like.

How Does the Review Extension Work?

To help you stand out in your industry and your competition, you should know how the AdWords review extension functions. Here are a few tips to remember to maximize the extension to the fullest:

  • The reviews you would like to showcase must be on a 3rd party site
  • When your customers click on the reviews it will take them to the third-party site where your review is listed
  • You can set only one review per campaign
  • Keep it short and simple as you are restricted to 76 characters
  • You are allowed to paraphrase a quote as long as it’s linked to the published source
How Does the Review Extension Work

The review you select must highlight your business as a whole instead of a particular product or service.

Review Extensions Best Practices

Stick to these guidelines so your ads on don’t get disapproved: 

  • Use a review that is not more than 12 months old
  • Use a review from a publication or business review and not from individuals
  • You shouldn’t repeat your business name in the review
  • Your review should be specific to your business as a whole and not a particular product
  • Make sure you have permission to use the review in your ad

Like sitelinks & callout extensions, using the review extension can improve your Click-Through Rates (CTRs) by 10%!

Increase AdWords CTR

Consumers put a lot of weight into reviews and highlighting these reviews in your ads can greatly increase trust in your brand and your website. If you’re not already using review extensions, you need to put them in place today!

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