5 Ways to Create CTAs for Ecommerce Sites

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Calls-to-Action (CTAs) are important for any website to help facilitate a conversion. But for an ecommerce site, what CTAs can you use aside from "Buy Now"? Here are 5 different types of CTAs to use to increase ecommerce sales:

1. Engage Strangers

When someone visits your site for the first time, they are essentially a stranger to your brand. Find the pages on your site that have a high number of entrances by first time visitors and add CTAs geared towards that first time visitor. These are CTAs that entice a visitor to interact with your brand and usually encourage a pre-transactional step in the buyer's lifecycle. 

Examples of CTAs to Engage First Time Visitors

Daily Deals CTA Special Offers CTABest Selling Items CTA


2. Ask for Subscribers

When someone is visiting your site, you want to capture their information so you can give them a reason to come back. CTAs asking for subscriptions to newsletters, RSS feeds and more give you another opportunity to reach that visitor at a later time. These are often secondary CTAs on your main site pages (after the Engagement CTAs) but are key primary CTAs on your blog. 

Examples of CTAs to Ask for Subscribers

Subscribe to Our List CTA Join our club CTA


3. Engage with Past Customers

A completed sale is not the end of the sales cycle for an ecommerce customer. Previous clients are more likely to make another purchase from you and have a lower cost-per-acquisition for a sale. Nurturing those customers also results in larger lifetime values. To reach previous customers you'll want to email those people who have bought from you before and include CTAs in your emails or on your landing pages to encourage a new purchase. Coupons and special offers are great calls to action for your existing customer base. 

Examples of CTAs Targeting Past Customers

Free Shipping CTA 25% Off Coupon CTA


4. Engage with Prospects

Your email list likely contains some prospective clients that have given you their information but have not yet made a purchase. To best reach these potential clients you'll want to send an email that includes CTAs encouraging website visits and sharing offers with their friends. 

Examples of CTAs to Engage with Prospects

Email a friend CTA

Find Deals on CTA

Sale Preview CTA


5. Social Media Sharing & Sentiment Buttons

Last, but not least, leverage your social media profiles in your CTAs. Some of your audience segments might not be right for salesy marketing but they're great candidates to follow you on social media. Encourage brand engagement and build a larger audience for your future promotions. 

Example of a CTA to Encourage Social Sharing (if you click this image you can share our article on Facebook!)

Share on Social CTA


At each stage of the buyer's lifecycle you are presented with the option to encourage your visitor down the sales funnel and to have more touch points with your brand. Take some time to review your site and think seriously about where you can improve the use of CTAs on your ecommerce site. You'll be glad you did. 

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