Off Page SEO: Which Techniques Actually Work?

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Many digital marketers declared off page SEO the strongest tactic in the SEO strategy. Still, some put little effort into this tactic when it's a viable method for directing new traffic and visibility to their website.

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What is Off Page SEO?

Off page SEO strategy tactics used to improve your website's position in search engine results. Off page tactics include link building, social media, guest blogging, brand mentions, influencer marketing, etc.

Off Page SEO vs On Page SEO

On-page SEO applies to the controllable on your website, where off-page SEO applies to external ranking factors that are developed off your website, like 3rd party backlinks. We also include social promotion, including online exposure and engagement that influences off page SEO.

Off Page SEO Optimization

It's critical to optimize SEO with off page ranking factors to influence Google and public perception of a website's importance, popularity and authority. When your content is linked to, tweeted about, mentioned, shared, etc - it's another person's affirmation that your content is valuable.

Top Off-page SEO Techniques for Better Links

Off-page SEO helps your website's online visibility by ranking better in search. Using the best off-page techniques sends trust signals to Google that your content is authotatative. These trust signals will help boost your position in the SERP.

  1. Creating Shareable Content.
  2. Influencer Outreach.
  3. Contribute as Guest Blogger.
  4. Contribute on Social Media
  5. Article Syndication via Medium
  6. Contribute your expertise on Forums
  7. Blog Directory Submission
  8. Article Submission on LinkedIn
  9. PR Submission
  10. YouTube
  11. Image Submission
  12. Infographic Submission
  13. Document Sharing
  14. SlideShare (linking after slide 4)
  15. Google my Business (GMB)

Guest Post

Guest posting garnered opposing opinions among marketers. Some think it does very little to increase traffic generation and conversion, while others maintain that it’s ideal for generating interest and sustaining it.

The effectiveness of guest posting remains debatable among businesses and marketers. However, many still consider it an evergreen marketing technique. And, it may very well be, as it already puts your content out there, increasing visibility.

Commenting On Forums

It pays to engage with people who have a similar niche. They’re highly likely to have an audience that has an interest in what you offer. Make it a point to take part in industry discussions then you can share your insights and learn from people working in the same field.

Forums are a great avenue for discussions and feedback and joining them is an opportunity to establish your online presence. This lets you be visible to your peers and potential followers, so there is a lot to gain.

The 5 Best Traffic Sources to Increase Website Visitors

Media Sharing

Marketers have the challenging task of capturing their audience’s attention within a few seconds and sustaining it long enough for them to want to know more about the brand.

Incorporating photos and other media, such as videos and audio into your content can help you ensure a quality engagement. Sharing media on other sites will let you reach more viewers, and, eventually, more customers.

Many off page SEO tactics like social media can give you the edge with your competition.

Off-page marketing is all about getting your content out there, beyond the confines of your own website. No digital marketing strategy is complete without a smart and carefully planned strategy of stepping out of your own domain, and it takes a competent marketing team to deliver a method that works.

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