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Recover Abandoned Leads Using SMS and HubSpot

Recover abandoned from HubSpot forms leads over SMS using Zapier.

SMS on HubSpot
David Ward

David Ward

Dave is the CEO + Founder of Meticulosity and a serial entrepreneur who has spent his 20+ year professional career as an agency owner in digital marketing and web development space.

A couple of years ago at HubSpot's annual INBOUND conference, I was sitting in a session and the speaker on stage began talking about research they had done and data collected on prospect response rates. They identified that if someone fills out a form on your website, providing their contact info (phone call or email), and then fails to respond to outreach efforts, normally they’d be considered an “abandoned lead”. This lack of response by prospects is a familiar and sometimes frustrating experience; even though they reached out to you first, their lack of response leaves you somewhat in the lurch.


What was surprising about what the speaker shared was this; if you instead text those people that submitted their contact info through your website, 15-20% of them will reply via text when they wouldn't pick up a phone or respond to an email. This is what is known as ‘Lead Recovery’, and the message here is to communicate the way that your customers want. That may sound high tech and time consuming, but integrating HubSpot with a couple of other tools, you can actually recover your leads quite easily.

Start Recovering Your Leads Today

By signing up for Zapier and Twilio, you can use HubSpot to generate workflows to trigger automated texts to your unresposive leads. They can be connected to HubSpot in such a way that, say when someone fails to respond within an hour of filling out a form, a trigger will initiate a workflow and send them a text. Zapier in particular allows you to build ‘zaps’, which are automated workflows that use APIs to talk to your HubSpot account. Just like you set up a workflow in HubSpot, you can use Zapier and set up a workflow that says, "Have HubSpot trigger Zapier to do this in Twilio when this happens," and it will begin to contact the abandoned leads from your funnel. Set up is simple and can be completed on an afternoon, which is a fair trade off for 15% increase in your response rate.

Proof Is In The Pudding

So I left the conference, and when I got back home we set it up Zapier and Twilio at Meticulosity; it worked exactly as promised and we recovered just over 17% abandoned opportunities without spending more than a few hours of set up time. I was amazed by how easy it was to add an entirely new channel of revenue to our back end. I would recommend this process time and time again as a simple step in maximizing the use of your HubSpot account and ultimately increasing your response rate.

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