Top Social Media Marketing Trends for this Year

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The year is about the latest trends and people have never been more dependent on social media. Brands have always been keen on following their market, which is why social media marketing trends are at the height of their popularity.

So, it's never been more important to invest in your social media strategy if you want to take advantage of the latest trends. We look back at last year’s social media trends and go over some that could dominate the marketing industry in the year ahead.

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Handheld Marketing

According to comScore, digital media time spent on mobile devices is now 68%. SEO and SEM professionals have been using mobile optimization strategies on their client’s websites for years.

However, last year proved that it’s now a social media marketing necessity. The better a website performs on mobile, the better it will rank on mobile search. Thus, it will be easier for potential customers and target audiences to find your content.

The Power of Facebook

When the Millennial Generation overtook the Baby Boomers as “the largest generation in history,” the users of Facebook surged. Since Millennials are now old enough to invest in businesses, buy cars, and start families, their spending power controls the market.

Top New York Marketing Agencies have taken advantage of this trend since Facebook is where “34% of consumers find help to select a service provider.” As a result, businesses aim for viral content on Facebook. They target Millennials since they share posts the most...more than any other age group.

Top Social Media Marketing Trends

A Few Predictions for the Coming Year

Jayson DeMers, the CEO of AudienceBloom, predicts that in the coming year, companies will use only one social media platform. He believes that businesses will choose “one platform that works especially well for them and narrow their focus on it.”

The future of social media marketing

All while this shift is happening, he also foresees continued dominance for Snapchat.  Now users just Snap – while the social media marketing platform grows.

The application uses filter-enabled photos and vertical videos, all of which expire within 24 hours of posting. This concept of short-lived content keeps people coming back, giving brands a growing audience.

What's Next?

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