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Top Remote Working Tools from the Meticulosity Team

The Top remote work tools as chosen by the Meticulosity Team. Coffee, Microphone, Process Street, Webcam, Digital audio interface.

The Top Remote Working Tools as chosen by the Meticulosity Team
David Ward

David Ward

Dave is the CEO + Founder of Meticulosity and a serial entrepreneur who has spent his 20+ year professional career as an agency owner in digital marketing and web development space.

Thanks to COVID 19, we know that work will never be the same. As companies around the world look to reopen, however, we know that many people will still be working from home. So, we thought we would share the top tools that our team use to increase productivity when balancing working from home and working from the office. Here at Meticulosity, we are looking to start heading back into the office on a trial basis from June 22nd, however we will still be working from home more than we were before, and we will still be using these tools. We hope you enjoy using them too. The transcript with links can be found below, and look for a little bonus advice at the end of the video!


Dave Ward


Meticulosity Staff - Remote-Working from Meticulosity on Vimeo.

Ashlyn Ayers: My favorite tools while working remote. Number one would be the ever present cup of coffee in the morning, noon, and night as a busy working parent. Work-wise, Process Street hands down has been the most useful tool for me during this crazy, unprecedented time. It's a program that we already use day to day in Meticulosity to help us stay, well, meticulous. It allows us to generate recurring checklists for those repeatable processes that happen day in, day out in our business, managing everything from how we handle employee expenses to onboarding new clients to our companies. So definitely check it out if it's not something you're familiar with, because Process Street has been a real game changer for us during this time while we miss all of our colleagues. Cheers.

Chuck Okeke: I have several remotes working tools or items that I use for my remote meetings, but my most favorite remote working item is my Blue Curve microphone. It's actually a snowball ice microphone. I just speak into this in my remote meetings and my audio is loud and clear and everybody can hear me in the meetings, my remote meetings. So without a doubt, my microphone is my most favorite remote working item.

Matt Paley: My favorite tool for working from home would be Loom. It allows me to record my screen and easily send it to people. I have a dual role at Meticulosity. So when I'm doing sales, I can use it to send a message to a prospect or a client. It allows me to be concise. It sets me apart, personalizes the message a little bit more, and it's a little bit novel right now, so people seem to like it. As a developer, I use it quite a bit, just kind of like a video text message to other people I work with. If I'm stuck on something, I can show them exactly what the problem is and send them a video and they can get to it when they have time. Nothing gets lost in translation like it might in an email when I'm trying to describe something. Or I use it to help out clients. If they're stuck on something, I can show them exactly where they need to go on a program or on their website to check something. So if you haven't used Loom or Vidyard or something similar, I'd definitely recommend trying it out and incorporating it into your remote work.

Andrey Zharkov: Hi, I'm Andrey from Meticulosity. And today, I'd like to share with you one tool that I use to work remotely. It is a digital audio interface for an iPhone. In order to make my sound always crystal clear using my mobile phone, all I have to do is to connect this interface to my iPhone's input. And now what I get, I get a chance to connect all kinds of microphones, guitars, you name it. Like all kinds of devices and I can achieve crisp sound. This works particularly well when I'm recording a video or an audio for a client, or if I want to achieve high quality crisp sound for any type of project. It also works well when I'm on a Zoom call or Google Hangouts call. And as long as I want to keep my sound crisp and clear, Shure Audio Interface for an iPhone is the tool of my choice.

Grace Padilla: I must say that my favorite remote working tool will be Google Chat. As a developer, I usually need a quick response from my manager or coworkers about clarification on some projects. And this allows me to get that. It also connects quite easily to Google Drive or Google Hangouts. So if I need to send a document, I can send it quite easily when saving it in Google Drive. And with Google Hangouts, I can get another format to talk to my coworkers about a bigger project or just a longer response. And it also allows me to talk to my coworkers about the world and what is going on. So I would recommend it and it is quite easy to use and it actually works great.

Dave Ward: I wanted to share with you my favorite tool for working remotely. Although I'm technically cheating by working in the office by myself today, I thought I'd sneak in and get something done without my kids screaming in the background. My favorite tool is actually this guy right here. It did take me five weeks to get because everybody and their mother decided to buy a webcam. But what I found was that even though my Mac Book Pro has a webcam in it, it's actually five or six year old technology and it doesn't give the highest quality that you could.  And so I invested in a Logitech stream cam, and that's been able to really up the game of our remote meetings, both with teams and clients, because it does full HD. It has a mic built in and has lots of bells and whistles, like image stabilization or auto-centering. And you can even add some effects in to cover up some of those blemishes. So it's not necessarily a software tool, but it's something that you might not have thought of purchasing because you've already got one. But if you get it, you end up with a much better quality experience when you're doing your remote meetings. And also can be used for recording video and things like that for this exact use. So that's my tool.

Kelsey Kalyn: Hi, my coffee maker's my favorite tool for working remotely because it helps me stay productive. Thanks.








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