8 Website Redesign Questions to Ask Before Starting

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You're starting a website redesign project. You know it takes lots of time, effort and resources to deliver however the client seems more interested in how long it will take and how much it will cost.

So, knowing the best website redesign questions to ask before starting is your opportunity to accomplish much more than simply a site makeover. It will allow you to uncover:

  • previous website challenges
  • purpose of the new website
  • target audience
  • ensure brand story alignment
  • organizing content assets
  • new website goals
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Top 8 Questions to Ask Before Starting a Website Redesign

Before undergoing a website redesign, there are a few website redesign questions you should ask:

1. Is your brand well-represented?

Your brand must keep up with trends in the marketplace and changes in client needs. Your company's website should accurately reflect and support the goals of your brand.

If there’s any disparity between your brand’s online and offline presence, then it could impede or even prevent clients from connecting with your business. Uniformity not only looks cleaner but also strengthens brand recognition. Think of it this way: would you wear sweatpants to an important meeting? Didn't think so.

2. Do you stand out from the competition?

Your website's design should make your business appear unique and different, therefore, don't just blend in with everyone else out there!

Pay attention to what your competition is doing then make note of the methods and design elements they use. Incorporate these unique elements into your website redesign strategy while adding a unique twist of course.

3. Does your website allow for easy navigation?

Keeping your prospective clients engaged in a user-friendly manner is critical to your website's success.  Your website should lead your clients to where you want them to end up: a call to take action.

Design your website in a manner that offers your clients multiple opportunities to accomplish this goal. These days, clients have many ways to access your content, which then brings us to the next question…

User navigating a redesigned website on her mobile device

4. Is your website accessible on multiple platforms?

It's not enough to only have your website designed for a desktop computer these days. Devices like phones and tablets are extremely popular for surfing the web. 

Take the time and effort to optimize your client's experience, especially, mobile devices. It shows prospective clients that you are up-to-date on the latest technological trends.

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5. What’s in your budget?

Necessary, to determine how much you can afford to spend on your website project. Any time and money spent on your website redesign is a business investment and thus should be taken into consideration like any other.

You need to see a return on this investment, therefore, make certain the proper effort is exercised. If you try to skimp on this part then your savvy prospective clients will know.

6. What issues do you want your website redesign to address?

The purpose of developing a website redesign strategy is to recognize and resolve any existing issues your current website design may be experiencing. Make a list of all items that have been creating issues for your clients.

What's a cost-effective and innovative way to fix these problems? Schedule a meeting with your team to figure out how much of your resources you can dedicate to your site redesign.

Creative meeting where website redesign questions are being discussed in advance of the project

7. How will you monitor the success of your new website's design?

It's important to pay close attention to how well the new design elements perform. Are they helping you to achieve your business goals?

One way to make that determination is to take advantages of analytic tools that help you stay on track. These tools are especially useful for learning how visitors interact with your website.

8. How will the new design elements benefit your visitors?

The new design elements should serve your main goal which consequently is visitor engagement that leads to sales.

Whether it's adding opportunities for social media interaction or offering informative audio-visual elements into your website design. Look for ways to offer your visitors highly personalized experiences that stand apart from the competition.

Over to you

Before considering a website redesign, ask yourself which goals you want your website to accomplish. First of all, make certain your website accurately reflects your brand, then meets your clients' various needs, and finally remains responsive to changing trends in the marketplace.

Your website is a crucial investment in the future success of your business. So, be sure to ask better website redesign survey questions.

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