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Case Study

"I appreciate Meticulosity's speed and responsiveness. We are a very fast-paced company and usually request things be made at the last moment and within little time. Meticulosity has been fantastic in this regard."

Hilary Cahill, VP Marketing | Cayman Enterprise City


Inbound Marketing
Growth-Driven Design






Cayman Islands


Project Overview


Cayman Enterprise City is an economic development agency focused on finding ways to attract businesses looking to establish a physical presence in the Cayman Islands. Limited technical capabilities and several pressing initiatives persuaded the client to find a partner capable of redesigning their website and managing their digital marketing efforts.

Meticulosity was carefully considered and then contracted to support the client's site redesign and PPC marketing campaigns.



What business challenge were you trying to address with Meticulosity?

We needed help in developing a PPC campaign on Google and with upgrading our website. We don’t have technical people, so this was going to be impossible for us without the support of a partner. The idea was to find someone reliable to handle these two things, and potentially serve as a long-term resource for us.



Please describe the scope of Meticulosity's involvement.

Meticulosity originally built a custom website for us. They ended up creating 14 different sites and landing pages in total. We have a general website with no ecommerce section, login functionalities, or anything of that nature. It was developed as a lead generation tool, specifically for inbound inquiries to which we respond through calls. We reach out to people from all over the world who have an interest in our zone.

Meticulosity has also helped us with inbound marketing. During September of 2015, we did away with many of the initial sites and relaunched using a HubSpot platform. Meticulosity has helped us manage and implement this approach. They've trained our staff for the blogging functionalities and so on.

How did you come to work with Meticulosity?

Meticulosity is one of the companies that set up offices within our special economic zone. I met their president and Chief Executive Officer a few years ago at one of our networking events, and liked the look of what they did. We started a few small projects together, ultimately coming to use Meticulosity as our main provider.

What is the status of this engagement?

We have an ongoing collaboration with Meticulosity. We keep them on a retainer.



Could you share any statistics or metrics from this engagement?

When we switched to the new website in September, 2015, which entailed moving to the HubSpot platform, Meticulosity encouraged us to add a lot more content, which they helped create. We were also given a tool that helped grade the tool for SEO purposes.

Since launching that site, our inbound leads have doubled. I'm very happy with that. The site is fantastic. The only part which wasn't built by Meticulosity is the jobs portal. It was done by another provider and linked to the main page. The only problems we've ever had have been with that jobs portal, not with anything created by Meticulosity.

How did Meticulosity perform from a project management standpoint?

As far as the relationship is concerned, Meticulosity has remained extremely responsive to us. This was very important to me. Much of what we do is time-sensitive, but they've always gotten back to us immediately. Clients have to stick to deadlines as well, so our side was usually responsible for extended projects. Meticulosity has been good in this respect.

We have recently been assigned a new project manager and are considering using Basecamp or another project tracking tool in the future. Basecamp is used for internal company projects, as well as for our collaboration with a public relations agency in the US.

What distinguishes Meticulosity from other providers?

I appreciate Meticulosity's speed and responsiveness. We are a very fast-paced company and usually request things be made at the last moment and within little time. Meticulosity has been fantastic in this regard.

Is there anything Meticulosity could have improved or done differently?

I think that Meticulosity has improved its drawbacks by hiring more staff. They've grown rapidly since September, and I'm very happy to have our new account manager. We've had a good relationship in the past with the company, but it's even better now. I'm excited to start new projects with Meticulosity.