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Case Study

AI-Driven PPC Management

Global Manufacturing Company

AI-Driven PPC Management Case Study

Project Overview


Meticulosity performs inbound marketing and PPC management for a multi-billion dollar global manufacturing company. The company is an industry leader, providing a wide variety of products for commercial and residential buildings across the world. 


Before implementing our AI-driven PPC management software, the manufacturing company was getting minimal leads - only receiving 1-2 leads on a good month. They had a weak bidding strategy and were not using the proper keywords to appropriately target their campaign audience.


First, Meticulosity performed an audit on their existing Ads account and found several major gaps in their overall PPC strategy. 

After onboarding the client into our proprietary AI-driven PPC management software, their campaigns hit new heights, generating 8-10 new leads per week after only 90 days of optimization.

PPC data stats

As you can see in the above chart between the months of January to April, the campaign was being managed by a human account manager.

The AI was placed on the account in mid-May where you can see the start of an influx of form submissions. This came with even fewer page views, showing the quality of the traffic is highly targeted.

Consistently the AI is doubling and even helping to increase form submissions by 3x. Going from regularly getting 4 submissions in January-March and 12 submissions in September.

PPC submissions


The below chart shows the consistency in growth the AI has within a 4-month period.

4x Leads Within 4 Months

Leads increase graph

With similar monthly spending the AI is able to drive a constant flow of targeted clicks to the website. All the while, keeping a consistent healthy click-through rate through a highly effective automatic bidding strategy while serving relevant ads.

Double the Amount of Clicks Driven in 4 Months

impressions and clicks increase

Custom Landing Pages

To fully optimize their ROI, Meticulosity built new custom landing pages for each specific product offering. These pages were built to convert prospects into leads through phone calls and forms. Conversion optimization using AB tests, heatmapping, and AI have helped them quickly reach peak performance.

Custom landing page are essential to keep costs down and conversion high while simultaneously increasing Page Rank metrics that drive more traffic.

40+ Increase In Calls Driven in 4 Months


AI-driven PPC management.

door pull landing page

40% Landing Page Conversion Rate


AI-driven PPC management.

sliding door landing page

Peer Recognition

Award Winning Agency

Our growth-driven design, development expertise and results-oriented marketing rank us at the top of our industry.
Impact Award

Internet Marketing Association Impact Award


HubSpot Impact Award

HubSpot Impact Award for Growth-Driven Design


ARA Award

ARA Best Retailer Web Site