Magento Custom Development

Custom Magento Design and Development
Client Name: Trophies2Go
Platform: Magento
Launched: October, 2014

Site Features:

  • Responsive Design
  • Trophy & Award Customization
  • Real-time Inventory Calculation
  • Infusionsoft Integration
  • ShipStation Integration
  • Custom Accounting Reports
  • Point of Sale (POS) Capabilities

Full Case Study

Trophies2Go has been one of the most complex Magento implementations we’ve ever done. Believe it or not, selling trophies and awards online is super complex – from customizing products, to engraving, to multi-supplier fulfillment, and Point of Sale (POS). The project took a year of planning, wire-framing, design, development, and beta testing. We worked closely with T2G staff to customize Magento in creative ways to meet their exact business requirements.




  • Conversion Rate: Up 73% (up over 1% total)
  • Transactions: Up 9%
  • Average Order Value: Up 8%
  • Revenue: Up 17.5%
  • Bounce Rate: Down 10%
  • Pages per Session: Up 30%
  • Average Time on Site: Up 63%
We'd love to say this was an easy job we did in two weeks. In reality, it took a year of planning, development, and testing before we had a finished product. That said, there are probably not many Magento implementations as complex as Trophies2Go was.

Because of Trophies2Go's extremely unique business model and product, nearly every core module of Magento had to be tweaked. Additionally, since Magento would also serve as their POS system for their brick-and-mortar location, even back-end admin ordering functionality had to fully customized so their sales and customer service staff could capture and modify orders. Since trophies and awards are highly customizable, Magento also had to work with their production and fulfillment site where each order was engraved and assembled by hand.

Despite the complexity, the proof is in the pudding. Since launching on October 1, we now have a 3-month period to analyze the success and project ROI and compare against the last 3 months on their previous ecommerce platform.


Planning Phase

Project Planning First, we created an in-depth specification document on the functional requirements that would be needed to make T2G's website work. We spent hours pouring over their existing ecommerce platform to see how they accomplished everything - THEN - went to the drawing board with the T2G team to find out how we could do it better.

With a complete specification document, we then created wireframes of every single core page of their site as well as some of the more complex aspects, such as product customization (shown left).

Finally, we met with Trophies2Go's owner Jeff for 3 days, spending one day doing high-level analysis and business requirements - then two days with our development team going over the details of how everything would need to work.

We adjusted the specification document and wireframes on-site to create a final plan to begin development.

Design and Branding

Magento Design While initial development began, our design team started creating concepts for Trophies2Go's new website. Since T2G was going through such a large update, they also addressed their logo and other branding concepts at the same time. We worked with T2G to create a website that blew the competition out of the water while also speaking to their customer demographic.

After several concept rounds, T2G settled on the design you see on their site today. Once the concept was finalized, we created category pages, product detail pages, blog, and static content pages that all tied in the new brand.

Additionally, we created a new page type, a category landing page you can see here. The purpose of this page was to build traffic funnels for specific customer types so they could find the products they were most likely looking for, while also evoking an emotional reaction to the awards they would soon be purchasing. Thus, category landing pages were created for Corporate Awards, Sports Trophies, Activities, and Custom awards.

Once the Magento front-end was completely customized for their new brand, we also assisted T2G in branding their transactional email communication (via Magento) and marketing communication (via Infusionsoft).

Finally, we made the entire site responsive - making them the first trophy and awards website that works flawlessly on both desktops and mobile devices and tablets.


Primary development took place over 6 months, with different functionality requirements being built individually until the entire system was ready for beta testing.

Beyond simply skinning their Magento template to look like the website we designed - we needed to address 3 core areas: the customer experience, back-end admin and sales, and production and fulfillment.

Customer Experience

Even though Trophie2Go already had a functional website that worked - re-platforming on Magento was the perfect time to consider everything about the customer experience on their website. We went through several wireframing stages on how customers would navigate the website, customize products, and place orders. During that process, we re-invented the wheel with T2G staff based on over 10 years of experience selling trophies and awards online. Every aspect of the UX was re-designed to make things simpler for customers.

Back-end Admin and Sales

In addition to looking at how customers used their website, we also examined all the aspects around how sales and customer service staff placed orders via phone and brick-and-mortar store walk-ins. We developed a real-time production time calculation based on actual inventory that would allow their staff to offer customers viability on when orders would be ready for shipping and pickup. We also broke out of Magento's core order process to allow for continual editing of orders (like adding products or changing engraving information) right up to shipping.

Production and Fulfillment

We also looked at how T2G's production and fulfillment team works with orders, creating a custom "pick slip" used by staff to assemble products. Then, we built a custom module for their engraving staff to attach PDF proofs to orders that can be sent directly to the customer for approval using Magento's transactional email functionality. To keep inventory up-to-date and make it easy for staff to replenish stock, we also developed a vendor manager and linked products, so purchase orders can be placed directly from Magento. Finally, we linked everything up to ShipStation, allowing staff to batch print shipping labels and send tracking back to Magento automatically.

The Future

Meeting Face to Face Reaching perfection is never over. Since launching on October 1, we have continued to tweak Magento to fix unexpected logic issues and enhance functionality. We're already working on several enhancements and new modules that will make Trophies2Go's entire order process even more efficient.

In just 3 months, we've seen amazing analytical data that proves our success, and as true partners, we're in it for the long haul with Trophies2Go.