23 Tips for Writing Amazing Product Descriptions

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Your product descriptions are the key to strong keyword rankings and are going to be a huge differentiator between you and the next retailer. If you have an ecommerce store, you should review these 23 steps to write amazing product descriptions:

  1. Identify your buyer persona. Knowing who you are selling to will greatly change what aspect of the product you are selling. 
  2. Identify the pain points of your persona, and solve them.
  3. Use real-life language.
  4. Develop a consistent brand voice. Cute & quirky? Funny but sweary? Geeky? Emotive? Use this across the site, your social media channels, and re-write all product descriptions in that voice. 
  5. Include who your product is for.
  6. Include what it's used for.
  7. Where do you use it?
  8. Why do you use it?
  9. How do you use it?
  10.   Turn your features into benefits. Instead of "insulated," say "keep drinks cold."
  11.   Eliminate the guilt of the purchase. Is it a limited time sale? Almost out of stock? Present good reasons why you need to make the purchase, and why you need to make it now. 
  12.   Use bullet points.
  13.   Use images.
  14.   Use video.video-camera-tech
  15.   Break content into small chunks to avoid TL;DR. 
  16.   Use subheadings.
  17.   Do some keyword research to find what keywords people are actually using to find your product. 
  18.   Rewrite the product description with those keywords, while maintaining your brand tone.
  19.   When you get questions about the product, work the answer into the description to help other people with that same question.
  20.   Integrate testimonials into your descriptions. 
  21.   Track keyword performance, then optimize. KPIs could include rankings, visibility, impression share, and click-through-rate.
  22.   Track product performance, then optimize. KPIs could include page views, time on page, cart abandonment, and conversions. 
  23.   Watch internal search reports, tweak product descriptions to make sure the right products show for the right searches. 

If you follow these steps to write, and revise, your product descriptions you will really start to see a difference in visibility and engagement. It does take work to write unique product descriptions across the site, but it's what's going to make the difference between you and another retailer with the same product. 

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