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7 Common Fears About Video

Want to break into inbound video but don't know where to start? We've compiled a list of the 7 most common concerns about video and how to overcome them.

7 Fears About Video
Josh McEwan

Josh McEwan

Looking to break into Inbound video but don't know where to start? We know, we've been there ourselves, sharing many of the same initial concerns and questions, all while watching the market and reading stats such as:

  • sam-mcghee-KieCLNzKoBo-unsplash50% of consumers prefer video content over other forms of content such as emails, social, and blogs. (HubSpot)
  • Video will represent 82% of all IP traffic in 2021. (Business Insider)
  • 93% of businesses that use video say it's gotten them a new customer thanks to a video on social media. (Animoto)
    So we've put together a list of the 7 biggest concerns we hear most often from our customers before they start using our game-changing Inbound Video Strategy.

I don’t have time

When you think video, you probably imagine writing a massive 20-page script word-for-word, and having to recite said script perfectly in front of a camera. Not mention the added pressure and time commitments of production meetings, film crews, lighting, location set-up and take down - frankly, we don't have time for that either.

Traditional video has its place in Hollywood, for sure. Our approach, however, is a little different, and more in tune with the cadence and velocity of a typical Inbound Marketing strategy. Doing video the Inbound way means spending just 10-20 minutes following a scripting methodology, followed by 10-20 minutes on camera speaking to something you are truly passionate about, that will end up as a 2-4 minute polished video. You don't need fancy lighting. You don't need a production crew. Yes, we do find that the first couple of times takes a little longer; practice does make perfect after all. Once you get into comfort zone and cadence of doing video the Inbound way, you should only be investing 30 minutes or so to create the entire video from your end. That's less time than it takes to create a typical blog post. Wondering about post-production and graphics? The best part is, you don't even have to worry about it - send it over to us and we'll take care of the rest in just a matter of days.

I don’t know where to start

Think back to when you first started tweeting or blogging. Or creating content offers. You likely did some research online, or reached out to an agency partner. An agency knows how to do what you need to do, we can show you the right way, and coach you through the process. It sounds cliche, but getting started is as easy as contacting us.



I don’t have the equipment to produce high-quality video

Here’s the thing - you do! Any Smartphone with an HD or 4K camera can do all kinds of things that even top of the line video cameras couldn’t do 5 years ago. It’s in your pocket, ready to go, so start using it!

Have someone else hold the camera for you, or better yet, purchase a smartphone tripod and an inexpensive lavalier microphone on Amazon for a fairly nominal investment. And don't worry about post-production work - you don't need to have a bank of editing decks and expensive equipment to create video - we've got all that stuff! At Meticulosity, we know how to take you content and turn it into attractive, branded, high-quality video that you'll be proud to share.

I don’t know what to say

This is where our Onboarding and Coaching process comes in. First, we teach you how to turn video on its head and think about it as a content offer.  That’s the Inbound way. You probably already know how to build engaging content offers on other platforms, right? All you really need to do is come up with the offer - what specific content value are you giving to the viewer in exchange for their time? Then, we help you build a short outline of bullet points that you will speak to. Once you’re in front of the camera, it becomes a really easy, natural process because you’re just focused around those speaking points and having all the content revolve around the offer, and generally being yourself. Easy, peasy.

I don’t know how to edit

You might not, but we do. This concern often goes hand-in-hand with concerns about production costs and equipment investment, but let's elaborate more. We have a proven process to take the content that we get from our clients’ smartphone and edit it into slick, succinct, easy-to-understand and cohesive content. Yes, when creating your content you may feel like you rambled for 15 minutes, but in that time there was probably 2 to 3 minutes of pure video gold. We find it, capture it, put it in the right order, tell your story and give it back to you to share with your audience.

I don’t have the resources on staff who can own this.

Worried about the recording quality? Post-production? How do you take content from your smartphone across the finish line to make it look good so you can post online without risking you brand reputation? We hear this all that time.

Again, this is why you find a partner with a vision for detail who knows how to do just that. Meticulosity will take that content, put it in the right order, add in titles, fades, text overlay, etc, and hand it right back to you in the different formats that you need to integrate into your overall Inbound Marketing Campaign.

I don’t know how to drive traffic to videos.

If you already have an Inbound Marketing strategy in place, you are probably familiar with how to attract traffic. Inbound Video shares a fairly similar methodology with a bit of a different execution formula. They way you are going to post a video on Twitter vs. LinkedIn are going to be slightly different, for example. With a bit of help and direction from a partner agency (along with a little bit of trial and error) you’ll figure out:

  • where your customers are and
  • how to engage them with video on the right platforms.
    And then you repeat. A great advantage with an Inbound Video strategy is that it typically runs at 5-10% of the cost of doing video the old way. And so maybe the first one or two aren’t perfect - that's ok! It's a learning process, and thankfully you didn't drop tens of thousands of dollars to create them.

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