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10 Tips to Make Your Blog Posts More Effective

Many businesses produce blog posts and then let them fade away in their site’s archive. Here are 10 tips that will help you create popular blog posts...

Eric Steiner

Eric Steiner

Blog Post Tips

Successful content marketing involves creating quality blog posts to increase your company’s visibility, website traffic, boost your reputation, and encourage website visitors engage with you. Many businesses produce blog posts, promote them briefly, then let them fade away in their site’s archive.

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When you implement a great content marketing strategy, your top-performing posts will shine, fostering relationships with potential customers. Here are 10 tips that will help you create popular blog posts that truly work for your business.

Blog post tip - promote popular blog posts with impactful words.

1. Add an Opt-in Form

This simple step involves utilizing an opt-in form in your most-viewed posts. While it’s good to have these forms on every blog post, adding one to a popular post can boost engagement especially when tied to your marketing automation.

2. Use Content Upgrades

If a visitor reads a short blog post and finds it fascinating, he or she likely will want more content. Have this material available to visitors via “premium” content, which could include e-books or white papers related to your industry. The visitor can receive the content in exchange for an email sign-up or a small fee, depending on your objectives.

3. Spread Content Among Several Channels

Social media is a valuable tool when sharing your company’s story with potential customers. If you haven’t used social media to syndicate your best content, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to reach leads.

One way to promote your most read blog posts is to publish them regularly under different titles. You also can post the content at different times of the day to maximize your blog post reach. If there are social media channels you haven’t used, try posting on these sites to see if they’re effective.

4. Use Your Blog as References on Other Websites

When writing guest posts on offsite authorities, use your popular blog posts as trustworthy references that verify your position. Not only does this add page authority to your guest article, it also funnels additional traffic to your website.

5. Craft “Sequels” and Follow-Up Pieces

If your website has popular blog posts that have performed well, you may wish to consider evolving them into a series. You can begin by writing a “sequel” or follow-up blog, which could feature more details about a general insight. Another follow-up post idea is writing a retroactive blog that reveals whether your predictions came true.

6. Inspire Future Posts with Insights

Most content managers use editorial calendars to track the material their website releases. You can use the editorial calendar to analyze the type of content you’ve posted and determined what factors made it successful.

For example, you may find that a particular topic leads to numerous comments from visitors. When considering future topics for your content cluster, you can meet the expectations of your audience by mirroring the style of posts they prefer.

7. Re-purpose Your Most Popular Posts

Long-form blog posts that attract a multitude of links and shares often can be re-imagined for other mediums. Repurposing already written content is an excellent way to maximize your return on investment.

For instance, you could condense the blog’s key points into a shareable video. This is an excellent way to build a brand-new audience for your content - in this case, video subscribers. Another way to boost your blog post reach is by creating an infographic using the existing content. Visually interesting, colorful graphics are highly shareable and work on a variety of social media networks.

8. Refresh Your Old Blog Posts

With modern technology, nothing stays new very long. Successful content marketers know that to make it in the digital age, their material must remain on-trend and reflective of the audience’s evolving needs.

Search through your past blog posts and see which ones could be revitalized. Even posts that are a few years old may still be relevant with a few tweaks. Then, re-publish and syndicate these pieces to double their benefit.

9. Include Blog Posts in Your Email Campaign

Effective email marketing campaigns offer something of value to their readers. This might include coupons or contests, but interesting content can also be valuable to subscribers. Regularly adding popular blog posts to your emails can increase traffic to your website. You can even automate this by including most read blog posts in your email marketing funnels.

10. Produce an Anthology Piece

Once you’ve produced a variety of popular pieces, you can package them together in one long-form blog post. This “greatest hits” post could be used a content upgrade for new subscribers or even a gift with purchase. These roundups typically get a lot of shares, as readers know that the post contains time-tested, specially curated content.


Effective content marketing maximizes the impact of every blog post, making it easy to foster engagement. When your most popular posts work for you, you’ll save time and gain a satisfactory return on your investment. 

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