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Inbound Marketing

The Power of Blogging for Keyword Rankings

Inbound marketing is key to get more traffic. Blogging for all levels of the buyers journey can increase your keyword rankings, and traffic.

David Ward

David Ward

A technologist, marketer, and serial entrepreneur since 1996, Dave has built solutions to nearly every problem.

Inbound Marketing Success

Inbound marketing has seen amazing growth over the past few years and it’s not a surprise. Content has always been King when it comes to your website and producing more, quality content that appeals to your audience is a surefire way to further engage with them.

So how do you increase keyword rankings, bring in more potential clients, and build awareness for your brand?

Publish more content.

Lets say you have an addiction clinic. Obviously, you want to attract clients who are looking for addiction clinics. But the journey to selecting a clinic starts far before those targeted keyword searches. There are usually several stages that patients go through before they’re willing to sign an admission sheet. Same with their families and loved ones.

  1. Identifying the problem. Both patients and their families will conduct searches about the symptoms they are experiencing in their life to try and identify the source of their problems. These often come in Google searches as questions like “how can I tell if my child is using drugs?”
  2. Identifying a solution. What is going to help this person/family struggling with substance abuse disorder? Is an intervention needed? Rehab? What is the difference between inpatient and outpatient addiction facilities? Etc.
  3. Choose the solution provider. This is where most clinics focus their marketing efforts by trying to capture the market for things like “best heroin addiction clinic” or “inpatient addiction clinic in (city name)”.

It makes sense to focus your main addiction clinic SEO efforts and paid search efforts on the solution provider keywords because they are the ones most likely to convert. However, ignoring the Problem & Solution identification stages is a huge opportunity that you are completely overlooking.

Publishing more content on your website/blog to capture people in these stages can greatly increase the range of keywords that you rank for. Increased rankings can lead to increased traffic, and almost always, that increase in traffic will result in an increase of leads. We have seen this with several of our inbound marketing addiction clinic clients who are seeing some fantastic growth in their blog traffic.

For most of our clients who publish on a once-weekly schedule we are seeing a fairly steady 25%-35% traffic increase each month:

Inbound Marketing Stats

Traffic Growth from Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing Traffic Results

And for our clients on a twice-weekly publishing schedule we are seeing even more impressive traffic growth.

More Blogging, More Traffic

Does ranking for all these extra keywords lead to conversions? Yes, Yes, Yes, and Yes. We’re not going to share any client info on those leads, but we are definitely seeing an increase in leads via blog posts that are bringing in organic traffic for a wide range of keywords.

But you can’t just blog about anything. You have to tie your content back into your conversion funnel, and you have to be providing useful, engaging content for your audience. It’s helpful to engage with an inbound marketing agency to develop and execute this strategy but it is absolutely something you can do with your in-house marketing team.

Want to see your traffic and leads increase month over month? Call us today.

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