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David Ward Featured as an Expert on E-Commerce Development by Clutch

David Ward was featured on Clutch as an expert on e-commerce development, discussing differences between Magento, BigCommerce, and Shopify.

Kryston Molison

Kryston Molison

Kryston is Meticulosity's Jr. Operations Expert.

Meticulosity President David Ward shares his insights on the options businesses have when building an e-commerce website.

David Ward, President of MeticulosityClutch recently interviewed our President, David Ward to get his expert insights on the options businesses have when building an e-commerce website. With over 20 years experience designing and developing websites, David has a wealth of knowledge on web development best practices, trends and the wide variety of website platforms out there.

Clutch is a research, ratings and reviews site focused on helping business buyers choose the right vendors and technologies for their projects. They are currently working on expanding their coverage and web designers, tools and interviews as a resource for SMBs.

According to David, one of the biggest decisions when building an e-commerce site is choosing the platform to build it on:

“In a lot of ways, different platforms share similar feature sets. Some things about them are ‘apples to apples’, but some things are very different. I think that clients should spend a lot of time and consideration on choosing the right platform, whether they’re re-platforming or building a new e-commerce site. It is expensive to re-platform if you choose the wrong one. You can end up in a place where you can’t afford it for another three years, and you have to make do.”

Magento, BigCommerce and Shopify are some of the biggest players in the e-commerce market. While they have similar features, there are some key things that clients should think about when selecting among them. This mostly comes down to volume of sales, development expertise and whether you want to take care of hosting or select a SaaS product. David summed up the differences with the following:

“I like to look at Magento as the Cadillac, Shopify as a Corolla, and BigCommerce as a Civic. Not everybody needs a Cadillac with 500 horsepower, and not everybody needs something fully customizable. So, if your needs are very simple, you’re doing self-fulfillment, you’re only selling from one warehouse to one or two countries, you have a small team, and your product is simple, you probably don’t need Magento. It will cost a lot more, even in a simpler configuration, because it’s a higher-end system. In some cases, the Corolla or the Honda are going to be better for your business.”

You can read the full interview on Clutch to learn more about the pros and cons of each platform and see our Clutch profile with reviews.

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