Optimize Your Landing Pages with These 5 Effective Tips

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It’s likely that you’ve spent many hours and resources on your inbound efforts just to receive a decent click-through rate.

One way to earn a high click-through rate is to develop effective landing pages for your website. These pages give you the chance to “close the deal” with visitors, encouraging them to contact your company or make a purchase.

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In this article, we’ll outline five unique landing page techniques that can help you increase conversions – making all your time and energy worth it.

1. Act as a Problem-Solver

When prospects visit your website, they likely have specific problems they’re trying to resolve. The more you understand what challenges your prospects are facing, the more likely it is that they’ll be interested in your services. Try to show that your services are the answer to their problems and lead your prospects through your website.

One way to convey your message is to lead with a value proposition instead of a product. Use a simple and direct statement that conveys how your company can solve a problem. A well-written landing page should encourage the visitor to click forward, so lengthy explanations of your company’s services are unnecessary.

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2. Add a Personal Touch

Businesses that include personalized content in their landing page design usually win the conversion game. In fact, companies that excel in personalization usually are 26 percent more profitable over the long term.

So, how do you create personalized content for your landing pages that captivates visitors? Website analytics can provide the answer to that question. Look at what your target market is searching for through Google’s keyword research tool. When looking at your site’s analytics, consider using location-based filters to see if any regional quirks exist. You can also analyze referral sources, including email or social media.

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3. Make it Mobile-Friendly

Remember – when your potential customers are looking for the answer to a problem, they’re likely doing so while on their phones. That’s why creating mobile-friendly landing pages is essential. Even with longer sales cycle purchases, most consumers are conducting their research – and even completing the sale – on their phones.

If your landing page design doesn’t translate well to a mobile screen, you may be missing out on valuable leads. These screens should be optimized to fit several screen sizes, from smaller smartphones to tablet readers. In one case, a company that created a mobile-optimized version of their desktop site led to a 153 percent boost in conversions.

4. Keep Your Content Concise

If a person has made it to your landing page, odds are he or she may be ready to make a purchase. So, how much information should the landing page offer? This has been a popular debate topic among marketers, with some advocating for information-rich landing pages.

How long your landing page is will largely depend on your company’s needs. Shorter pages usually work better if leads already know of what they’re searching for. However, a longer page with engaging content can also lead to increased sales.

When designing your landing page, try to avoid unnecessary “fluff” that adds no value to your message. Strike a balance between cutting to the chase and giving your audience the information it needs.

5. Use Testimonials

Sometimes, letting others do the talking can be beneficial for your business. While there has been some debate about using testimonials in the marketing industry, data from A/B testing has shown that they can have a significant impact on conversion rates.

If you plan to incorporate testimonials on your landing page, be sure that your information is accurate. Use real-life satisfied customers and include actual quotes and photos. If you have real success numbers to share, that’s even better. The goal is to be as authentic as possible.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it – five essential landing page techniques that can help grow your business. Try these tips when developing your landing page and see how an appealing mobile-optimized page can help you achieve great results.

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