How to Leverage Existing FinTech Customers to Grow Your Business

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We see many FinTech and Blockchain companies missing out on opportunities to leverage and delight their existing client base. Your existing clients, users, and investors have the greatest potential to become voices for your brand, championing your values and offering social proof to potential new clients. If you’re not working on delighting your current users or customers you’re missing out on new potential leads and on repeat business.

Let’s take a look at how you can efficiently and effectively delight your current users, investors, and clients and kickstart growth using Inbound FinTech Marketing.


When it comes to approaching your marketing in a strategic manner that’s guaranteed to get the most bang for your buck, Inbound FinTech Marketing hits all the right notes. Using Inbound FinTech Marketing you can provide potential customers with timely and relevant content that will lead and nurture them through a journey with you to an eventual investment of time, money, or their data. Whatever your end goal is, you’ll be able to achieve it and gain clients.

Don’t Just Do Inbound FinTech Marketing, Do it Right

Your work doesn’t stop after you’ve gained the client. Delighting your customers after you've achieved your goal can turn them into promoters. Here are a few ways to keep current clients engaged and to help them bring you new leads.

When you turn investors, clients and customers into evangelists who feel like they are part of your inner circle, they're going recommend you to their friends, family and followers. Keep them engaged and they might go on to repeat their business. Up to 20% of new sales in any business come from repeat customers, so you can’t afford to ignore these people. What you do can vary from company to company — everyone is different — but here are a couple of ways you can delight your people.

Segmented Emails

Email marketing is still a highly effective way to reach and convert leads. When it comes to customers, users, and investors, it’s also great for delighting them. You should, at the very least, segment your email lists and make sure you’re providing different content between your leads and your customers, investors, and users but in order to truly delight you’re going to want to ramp-up your offerings to eleven. Great ideas for delighting people through email include:

  • Offer them surprise gifts and bonus token. Note, this should be different from your standard discount offerings. Discounts are intended to convert leads into customers, and re-target customers for repeat business. Gifts are a little different. Research shows that people prefer to get more rather than spend less so a gift is all about giving more without your users, investors, or customers having to ask.
  • Providing advanced content, whether that’s betas of newest software updates or private chats with your team.
  • Interactive content, like quizzes and fun animations that you’ve made just for them. 

Get Smart

Don't just segment your email lists — get smart. Using HubSpot’s smart content feature for emails and for your website pages means you can serve your audiences content that's meant only for them – and even vary content based on their location, last interaction, and custom fields. We've seen great success using location specific website pages in the past for our clients. As a Platinum HubSpot Partner when it comes to an all-encompassing platform that can run your website, manage your campaigns, and perform powerful marketing actions all while offering your audiences smart content, we can think of none better than HubSpot. 

Take your marketing to the next level Inbound FinTech MarketingListen to Your Audience

There’s no easier way to delight your investors, customers and users than to actually listen to their ideas, challenges and opinions. On the surface this might seem impractical and inefficient for your Blockchain or FinTech product but it’s actually the best way for you to refine your service or product into something that outshines all others. It’s also an easy way to delight your audience and show your commitment to customer service. People tend to care more about brands that they feel involved in.

Ask the Experts

Here at Meticulosity, we specialize in Inbound Marketing for Blockchain and FinTech. From select PPC management to search engine optimization; from content planning to dedicated social media advertising; our proven processes suit the innovative nature of FinTech and Blockchain technologies. Our global team of experts are dedicated to providing qualified leads and increasing conversion for our clients. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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