LinkedIn Tips: How to Post Quality Content & Get More Followers

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We’ve all seen an article on LinkedIn that shows up repeatedly in our newsfeed—shared by LinkedIn users all over the world--and thought, “I have great ideas and great content. Why can’t I get my article to go viral?”

With a solid social media strategy, some perseverance and a few easy LinkedIn tips, you can be the next viral author.

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Here are 8 Ways To Attract LinkedIn Followers

1. Pick a Focus & Perfect It

Rather than trying to be a “Jack of All Trades,” find one area of expertise in which you excel and stick with it. Write about what you know, and position yourself as the expert on that topic.

Read what others have written in your chosen field. Attend trade shows and industry events to stay ahead of current trends. Make it your goal to absorb as much information about your subject as possible and then transform that information into valuable content with a focus on helping or making a difference.

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2. Stir the Pot

Don’t be afraid to be a little controversial when you write. As long as you are preserving the truth, it’s okay to be a disrupter and position information in a new way that makes people think about the world differently. This type of disruption leads to creative thinking and problem solving.

You’ll also gain more readers and shares if you aren’t spouting the same old routine and repackaging old ideas.

3. Make Connections

Find out who else is in your field, writing well and being shared on LinkedIn.

Send that person a quick note to introduce yourself, and talk about your situation. You may start a valuable business relationship and find a colleague with which you can share information and ideas.

Linkedin Tip: connect with liked-minded people.

4. Be a Thought Leader

Find out which burning questions others in your industry are asking. What are the biggest challenges they're facing? Now, think about innovative solutions and start creating authoritative content show you're an expert.

This is a great way to position yourself as a thought leader, willing to give information away to your readers at no charge. Soon, you’ll be viewed as someone with insightful answers to common industry challenges, and your content will naturally build value and the potential to go viral.

5. Stay Active

The worst mistake you can make once you build readership on LinkedIn is to disappear. You must post good content regularly so that your readers expect to hear from you.

In the digital world, “out of sight, out of mind” is a certainty and you can quickly fall out of favor. In most cases, it’s fine to publish during working hours—especially if your content applies to your “day job.”

It’s common for business professionals to use LinkedIn throughout their workday as a prospecting and relationship management tool. Make sure your content is there when they log on.

Besides creating your own content, comment and like the content of your fellow users. Engage other users in conversation and dialogue. Not only will you learn from others in your field, but you'll also build connections with other professionals who will be compelled reciprocate for the content you publish.

Linkedin Tip: Don't disappear! You won't gain momentum if your posting schedule is inconsistent.

6. Curate like an Expert

One of the easiest LinkedIn tips for business writers is to find out who is writing great content and share it. You’ll pick up followers naturally from other like-minded readers drawn to the topic. Include your perspective on the post when you share it.

There is a delicate balance between curating excellent content and over-sharing, however. Make sure you are writing your own content regularly and not just re-posting. No matter how great the re-posted writing may be, you don’t want to be seen as someone who can’t come up with his or her own thoughts. Write, curate, repeat.

7. Share with Others

One of the best ways to improve your LinkedIn profile is to find communities and groups in your field of interest and become an active participant in them. It’s fine to link back or refer to your own content occasionally, but your focus should be gaining trust and building relationships in the groups. The following will come naturally.

8. Create a Visual

Even the most compelling content might get overlooked in the sea of posts on LinkedIn. Make your content stand out with a relevant professional image. Using good imagery is one of the most overlooked LinkedIn tips. It may be the difference between a scroll-by and a share.

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Over to you

It has never been easier to reach audiences online than now. By knowing your readers and subject matter and following these simple LinkedIn tips and tricks, you’ll build a loyal following and share your content with readers worldwide.

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