Embracing Mobile Video is the Key to Connecting with Your Audience

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The consumption of mobile videos by digital media audiences has spiked in recent years. A more accurate description of the trend, however, is that mobile video is quickly consuming digital media woven into the fabric of your marketing strategy.

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Recent mobile video data trends

  1. Facebook revealed that 75% of the video views on its platform take place on mobile devices.
  2. Cisco shows that video will account for three-quarters of all mobile traffic in 2020.

Companies seeking to gain favor on the digital platform, therefore, should innovate their brand to appeal to the mobile video viewers of tomorrow.

Why Your Business Should Focus On Its Mobile Customers

Media Consumption Habits are Shaping the Digital Platform

It is essential for marketers to understand the relationship of consumers to digital media. In fact, there have been two generations of digital media in the past.

Era 1 saw the dominance of static websites and portals, such as AOL, Yahoo, and Google. The emergence of social platforms like Facebook and Twitter, meanwhile, marked Era 2. Now, as the digital world progresses to Era 3, mobile devices are the primary means people use to socialize, where watching videos take center stage.

Roughly 80% of social media time is spent on mobile devices.

Providing Users with Entertainment, Relevance & Value

The smartphone experience gives consumers the benefit of mobility and proximity. Unlike a TV screen that sits at a distance from the consumer, mobile devices are right in the palm of a user’s hand and demand close attention.

By delivering interactive video experiences, brands can create ads that people want to engage with. Toys ’R Us, for instance, is experimenting with mobile-enabled augmented reality. Another example, Google Cardboard is opening the door to virtual reality on mobile.

Keeping up to Date with Digital Innovations

The rapidly shifting landscape of the digital world comes with the challenge for advertisers to stay up-to-date with digital innovations. They should, however, proceed with caution and avoid falling into the trap “shiny object syndrome.”

Putting too much effort and resources into a single app or platform could lead them to miss out on addressing the broader needs of their target market, after all.


In a swiftly changing digital world, advertisers need all the help they can get. They should leverage the full benefits of digital marketing use mobile video to their website’s advantage. As a premier New York advertising agency, you can count on us to enhance the user experience and adapt to the future of mobile video.

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