Offline Marketing Strategies that Still Work

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Most organizations believe online marketing is the only way to building brand awareness in our digital world. While it's true, we need digital marketing to improve search rankings and online visibility. Successful marketers know they can still take advantage of offline marketing opportunities to complement online tactics.

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What is Offline Marketing?

Offline marketing is any marketing in the physical world that doesn't include your online items like SEO, website, social media and PPC. Offline tactics include items such as event speaking, networking events, billboards, signage, direct mail, TV ads, Radio ads, print publications, etc.

Offline Marketing Ideas

Unplug from Digital

Unplug for a moment and examine your offline SEO strategy and implement the ones you can do on your own. Hmm, non-digital you say! That's right. How about meetups, business events, and conferences?

These are all exceptional platforms to meet and engage people in the real. It allows you to strike up meaningful conversations about real business topics that would otherwise take forever to accomplish over email exchanges...if ever. When the real engagement happens in the beginning, the digital touch points become that much easier and way more effective.

Our strongest client relationships all have roots in a real client connection that happened early in the client acquisition process. Other relationships that start purely digital are often very cold and take much more time to develop client bond. So, be sure to get out there and meet your new customer!

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing, or getting your friends and influential bloggers to promote your brand, can be done both online and offline. Sometimes calling or meeting them in person is more effective than the digital counterpart, like an email. Go out and build your network, attend forums and trade shows, and talk to as many experts as you can in your industry - and don’t forget to mention your website or social media pages.

Speak at a Conference

At some point, even if you’re just starting out, you aspire to become a leader in your field. You should never miss an opportunity to build both brand awareness and your network. Find out about forums and conferences where you may have something relevant to share. Speaking at forums will help you establish your credibility and promote your business at the same time. Consumers love seeing real people behind brands.

A great offline marketing idea is to speak at a keynote presentation.

Relationships with Brands

In a Business News Daily article, a member writes that brands should take a more personal approach when building consumers’ trust. Consumers often see brands as faceless entities sending arbitrary messages to wide audiences.

To break this image, you need to get out there, take advantage of TV and radio interviews and make people aware of your business and, of course, your website. Customers will respond to your brand with more enthusiasm.

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