The Whiteboard: A Great Tool for Collaboration & Individual Thinking

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All great masterpieces began with an artist standing before a blank canvas, and the canvas of the digital marketer is the whiteboard. Most successful marketing campaigns start with a wide, glossy, and slick whiteboard waiting to be filled with fragmented ideas. Here are some reasons to utilize a whiteboard in your daily routine:

Encourages Teamwork

Meetings should be comfortable environments that promote idea sharing.

In a professional setting where a group of individuals works on one project, collaboration is highly essential. Without it, people will lose track of the common goal and lead the project towards a different path.

The whiteboard serves as an excellent tool for brainstorming. The little space that you have elicits a sense of urgency, which means that anything you put in there should be good, or at least, relevant.

3-person team reviewing notes from their whiteboard collaboration (visible in the background)

It increases the efficiency in the workplace, especially in cubicle settings where employees don’t get to interact much. Team members called together in one cozy conference room with a whiteboard mounted on one side of the wall is a much more conducive atmosphere than a chatroom or video conference.

Promotes Individual Thinking

Wall-to-wall whiteboards are a favorite tool among marketers. They offer an intimate space where ideas are written down at the spur of the moment, to be tucked away and churned out later. Marketers also use it to keep a running list of objectives and key steps for each campaign.

Writing down current company objectives will help keep your staff on task.

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A whiteboard helps you organize an otherwise complex or disordered idea floating in your head. Listing them neatly or categorizing them in charts helps you get a bigger picture of what you want to achieve with that idea.

Young female staff member smiling while holding her iPad

Marketers who spend some time standing before a whiteboard, playing with ideas and outlining campaign objectives, claim to be more successful and productive. Digital marketers at COFORGE, an SEO company in New York, can attest to that. Whiteboards are not only a birthplace of ideas; they seem to make handling a sheer volume of data and ideas more fun and interactive.

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