What is Inbound FinTech Marketing?

Inbound FinTech Marketing is focused on attracting potential customers, users and investors through relevant, timely and useful content value at every stage of the customer’s journey to a purchase, investment, ICO or sign-up.

By concentrating on potential inbound customers, and on people already seeking a solution to a problem or challenge they have (although they might not know what that solution is yet, or even the problem), you’re not fighting for attention in the same way as traditional “outbound” marketing.

If your content is useful it will attract qualified leads who trust your brand and, if you nurture them, will (on average) make 47% larger purchases. Inbound FinTech marketing is much more effective than traditional marketing methods and is the best way to turn strangers into customers, users and promoters of your product.

81% of shoppers conduct online research before making big purchases

Inbound Marketing can double your average website conversion rates

Educational content can increase conversion by up to 131%

Customers spend 50% of their time online engaging with custom content