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PPC Management

Online Advertising

Even if you have the best organic traffic possible through meticulous search engine optimization, and a solid overall digital marketing strategy, there's still a finite number of searches and keyword phrases you can be #1 on.

Google Adwords Management

We believe a targeted, well conceived online advertising plan involving Google AdWords, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, Amazon, and more can help fill in those gaps to supplement your traffic and reach.


Better strategy begets better results.

Our team has managed millions in PPC and SEM and can help you too:

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Step 1

Consultation & Strategy

We will design and execute your PPC strategy from start to finish. During our initial consultation, we:

  • Analyze your organization's goals
  • Customer acquisition
  • Lead generation
  • Sales
  • Branding
  • Perform a budget analysis
  • Total budget vs. daily budget
  • Current online sales profit margins
  • Pay-per-click maximum
  • Perform a competitive analysis
  • Finalize our PPC strategy

Step 2


After our inital consultation, we get to work. As an official Google Partner, we not only bring our experience, but also the full resources of our dedicated partner team from Google. During implementation, we will:

  • Establish Google and Microsoft Ad Center Accounts in Your Name
  • Develop Keywords
    • Specific Phrases
    • Localization
    • Products
    • Prices
    • Etc.
  • Develop Ads
    • Create Ad Category/Themes
    • Ad Copy
    • Ad Variation
  • Develop Ad Groups
    • Search Results
    • Content Networks
  • Prepare Visitor/Data Tracking
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Typically, your first campaign starts with Google AdWords, and then we expand to Microsoft AdCenter, Yahoo!, Facebook, Amazon, or other appropriate properties once your keywords and ads are trial tested on AdWords. Using a trial to optimize your campaign before expanding it to other venues eliminates waste of your advertising budget. Once your first trial PPC campaign is implemented, we monitor and manage it to maximize the click-through and conversion.

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Step 3

Maximizing ROI

 For the first 90 days, we:

  • Collect Data On Your Ads
    • Ad/Group Impressions
    • Keywords
    • Clicks
    • Average/Maximum Cost-Per-Click
    • Ad Position
  • Optimize Campaigns As Needed
    • Keyword Success/Failure
    • Add/Delete As Needed
    • Expand/Contract Generalization or Broadness
    • Average/Maximum Cost-Per-Click
    • Bid High When Profitable, Lower CPC When Overpaying
    • Landing Pages
    • Localization/Geo-targeting
    • Daily Budget
  • Optimize Conversions
  • Expand to Other Properties

Clicks to Conversions

Once all of your campaigns are fine-tuned and performing, we continue to monitor your campaigns individually and perform the necessary maintenance to insure we are meeting or exceeding your PPC goals. We will work with you organically as your business grows and new online marketing channels develop.


* These are actual results of one of our customers - over a 10x revenue ROI per dollar spent!

Peer Recognition

Award Winning Agency

Our growth-driven design, development expertise and results-oriented marketing rank us at the top of our industry.
Impact Award

Internet Marketing Association Impact Award


California Closets engaged industry leaders McCann and Meticulosity to create a new website that was awarded an IMPACT award.

HubSpot Impact Award

HubSpot Impact Award for Growth-Driven Design


The Growth-Driven Design Award honors a HubSpot Partner agency that is making the biggest client impact using the Growth-Driven Design model. 

ARA Award

ARA Best Retailer Web Site


Industry peers vote on who receives the awards. Our client,, won the 2015 Web Site of the Year for Meticulosity's Magento-powered website.

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