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Magento 2.2: Enhanced Security & B2B Features

Magento Enterprise Edition 2.2 releases this September. It includes powerful new features as well as bug fixes for previous versions. Here are the features we can look forward to in this release.

Smita Avanindra

Smita Avanindra

A Jr. Inbound Marketing Specialist. With 5 years experience in production, marketing, and social management Smita focuses on inbound and social media marketing.

Magento Enterprise Edition 2.2 releases this September and to prepare for the launch Magento has been allowing customers and technology partners test the extensions for functionality, usability, code quality, feature gaps, and enhancements.

Magento 2.2: Enhanced Security & B2B FeaturesAccording to Paul Boisvert (VP, Product Management), “It is good for all our partners to jump in and test all the extensions and provide feedback before the release.” In our experience updating and developing Magento websites, he’s right. So many of our clients use their Magento platform is such a variety of ways you’d be likely to miss many potential issues if you only tested it in a sandbox. To really see any issues with the platform you need to allow people to use it how they actually use it.

Magento Enterprise Edition 2.2 includes powerful new features as well as bug fixes for previous versions. Here are the features we can look forward to in this release.

1. Advanced reporting: Magento 2.2 has an updated reporting feature that is more         dynamic and user-friendly, allowing clients to create dashboards with information related to customers, trends, products purchased and orders all in one place. The highlight of the new Magento 2.2 reporting feature allows you to tie in with the Magento Business Intelligence websites feature.

2. Integration with Signifyd: With Magento 2.2, merchant information is collected and     screened for fraudulent activity.

3. Improved performance: Improvements on the indexers, carts and cache have             been made for a smooth and systematic user experience for both consumers and             clients. 

4. Platform updates: Magento 2.2 has upgraded its security by removing unserialized     calls and has added a hashing algorithm. PHP 5.6 and Varnish 3 have been dropped       and it now supports PHP 7.1, Redis 3.2, MySQL 5.7 and Varnish 5. The component         table has been updated to the latest stable with some notable callouts such as –             Composer 1.4.1, ZF2.25 & ZF1 1.12.20.

5. Strengthened B2B feature: Magento 2.2 has reduced the cost and the complexity       of building a B2B site with more flexible company account management features.             B2B users can manage their own account without the help of merchants as well as           giving them access to assign administrators who can view reports, apply credit                 filters, etc. The Magento 2.2 release also has extended B2B features like:

  • Quote flow management: With a sophisticated quote management system, this update allows clients to negotiate product and shipping prices according to customer demand.
  • Quick orders: Customers easily view recently bought and saved products.
  • Payment on account: This feature allows clients to enable and disable payments on account, choose payment displays, control which country is eligible to use the payment and set minimum and maximum order for credit purchases.
  • Customized price lists: Custom pricing sets up the prices based on percentage discount as well as custom value. 

 To know about the features and improvements, click here!

Dedicated Development Retainers

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