PPC Lead Generation: How to Get More Quality Leads

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Make the Most of Your PPC Lead Generation

PPC lead generation campaigns are a great strategy for making the most of your new connections. These campaigns help you keep the conversation going with your leads by fostering customer interest and adding value to your brand - both of which can encourage sales.

While the initial setup of a lead nurture email campaign is easy, creating the content for your lead nurturing emails can be challenging. These four effective online lead nurturing email ideas can help capture the attention of your leads and convince them to make a purchase.

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1. Prove Your Brand’s Strengths with Testimonials

Social proof is a powerful way to build trust with your leads. In fact, recent studies have shown that more than 85 percent of buyers are influenced by customer reviews from other customers when making a purchase. Knowing others have received great results from your product can help your leads feel confident in making a purchase.

Customer reviews can be simple to collect – just send a short online survey to your current customers. Be sure to allow for open-ended responses, which are ideal for turning into testimonials. Include a disclaimer in your survey that states that answers may be used in your business marketing. Giving customers incentives for completing the survey, like coupons or gift cards, are great ways to encourage participation.

Another way to collect testimonials is to visit review websites such as Yelp and TripAdvisor. Gather some positive testimonials about your business and include them in the online lead nurturing email with the corresponding links.

2. Tell a Story with Video

Video is a prominent communication method when interacting with potential leads. A well-produced video in your PPC lead nurturing emails can familiarize leads with your services and help them form a connection with your brand and company culture. Video adds a human touch to your marketing efforts and can help you stand out from the competition.

Keep ppc lead generation organic. Prospects want to know they are talking to an actual person, not a robot.

When considering adding a video to your lead nurturing email, keep in mind that email clients have varying abilities to process video. Some email clients can display HTML5 perfectly, while other clients require an alternative option. The best approach is to embed a thumbnail of the video into the body of your email that links to the content. Hosting the video on your website can increase engagement and encourage the PPC leads continue on with the purchasing or process.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating the content for the video. Using testimonials from customers can be an effective video strategy, while explainer videos can help simplify complex ideas. Another good approach is to showcase your company culture, expressing the ideas and values that make your organization unique.

There are many companies that specialize in video production, but it can be costly. If budget is a concern, consider producing the video yourself using an online hosting service. Your smartphone also can be a useful tool for inexpensively producing video. You can record a video chat with industry leaders or even create a simple video of you explaining your company’s ideals.

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3. Addressing Your Competition

While many marketers shy away from mentioning direct competitors, PPC lead nurturing requires a different approach. Oftentimes, PPC leads have done their research and are further along in the purchasing process than a lead who arrived at your website organically through a search engine.

When investing in PPC, it’s important to have a solid understanding of the competition. An effective nurture email can show your leads what gives your company an advantage over similar brands. If you know which ad or keyword, the PPC leads came from, then you can address competitors head-on by targeting competitive keywords.

Addressing competitors in your PPC nurture emails can expedite the purchasing process. You can not only provide answers to common customer objections but also showcase your brand’s strengths. By doing the competitive research for them, you can eliminate doubt and empower your leads to make a purchase.

4. Get to Know Your Leads with a Sales Introduction

Putting a human face to your organization is a good strategy for warming up cold PPC leads. Adding a personal touch to your lead nurturing email can foster goodwill and increase trust in your brand. For example, an email that is "from" the address of an actual salesperson on your team is more effective than a message from a generic company email address.

PPC lead generation can keep the conversation organic and genuine. Let clients know how you can help them.

Another way to humanize your PPC lead nurturing email is to add a photo or signature to the bottom of the message. This gives you an opportunity to add a bit of personality to your email and stand out in your lead’s inbox.

Make sure you take the time to nurture your leads so they can bloom into loyal customers.

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