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Improving Facebook Ad Performance Using Budget Optimization & Bidding Strategy

[fa icon="calendar'] Nov 14, 2018 / by Amy Hayward posted in Social Media, Social Media Management, Instagram, Facebook Ads [fa icon="comment"] 0 Comments

If you’re using Facebook Ads you already know how much of a minefield the Ads Manager can be for the uninitiated. There are a lot of powerful features that go unnoticed by even the most experienced advertisers. Facebook Ads are highly effective, and can have incredibly high click through rates, but time and again it can be hard to know exactly how to refine your ads for performance without stopping an entire campaign and starting again fresh.

Here’s a closer look at what optimizing ad performance actually means in a Facebook Ad Account when it comes to bids, target costs, bid caps, and optimization. Let's fix your Facebook financials once and for all.

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How To Use Instagram to Increase Ecommerce Sales

[fa icon="calendar'] Jun 20, 2018 / by Amy Hayward posted in Inbound Marketing, CTAs for Ecommerce, Social Media Management, Instagram [fa icon="comment"] 0 Comments

Instagram is an incredible platform ideally suited for visual storytelling. Writing powerful calls-to-action on organic posts on Instagram, converting engagement within platform to sales, has always been somewhat of a challenge for ecommerce accounts – links aren't clickable on organic posts and there are no buttons users can press to purchase items unless the post is an ad. That is, until now.

Given the huge potential for sales on Instagram (with over 800,000 monthly shoppers) the platform has begun upgrading their features to make them more ecommerce friendly. Let's take a look at these new ecommerce features and how you can best take advantage of them.

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