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How To Use Instagram to Increase Ecommerce Sales

[fa icon="calendar'] Jun 20, 2018 / by Amy Hayward posted in Inbound Marketing, CTAs for Ecommerce, Social Media Management, Instagram

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Instagram is an incredible platform ideally suited for visual storytelling. Writing powerful calls-to-action on organic posts on Instagram, converting engagement within platform to sales, has always been somewhat of a challenge for ecommerce accounts – links aren't clickable on organic posts and there are no buttons users can press to purchase items unless the post is an ad. That is, until now.

Given the huge potential for sales on Instagram (with over 800,000 monthly shoppers) the platform has begun upgrading their features to make them more ecommerce friendly. Let's take a look at these new ecommerce features and how you can best take advantage of them.

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How to Use Facebook Live to Increase Conversions

[fa icon="calendar'] May 30, 2018 / by Amy Hayward posted in Social Media, Facebook, Social Media Management

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If you’re all over Facebook marketing, you can’t have missed the recent F8 Facebook Developer conference and the subsequent announcements Facebook had for local and AR. While these exciting developments are set to change the way users and developers interact with the platform one feature remains as important as ever on Facebook -- in fact, the conference even made use of it to publicize their sessions.

Launched April 2016, Facebook Live is still a great way to boost engagement on your profile and notify all of your followers of your activity. Given that for the last three years Facebook has been sharing page notifications to less than 20% of your followers but almost 100% of your followers are notified of you going live this is a huge deal.

Despite having been around for so long, the idea of going live is daunting to a lot of businesses. What do you post? How do you do it? Taking the plunge is hard when it’s into the unknown so we’ve made a guide on getting started with Facebook live.

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International Micro-Targeting with Facebook

[fa icon="calendar'] May 16, 2018 / by Sophia Muller posted in Social Media, Facebook, Social Media Management, International

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At its most basic, micro-targeting is the hyper-segmentation of audiences coupled with personalized messages or offers to increase conversions. Your favorite brands do this all the time, and it’s pretty effective. Once you know what your audience wants and their specific demographics you can use this to make compelling ads that are highly relevant.

For international markets, micro-targeting has become an essential component of most campaigns because it allows you to granularly target your audience. Here’s a look at how you can set up micro-targeting campaigns on Facebook today. Facebook may be changing its policies, but there are still ways to appeal to international social audiences.

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