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Create High Quality Video on Your Smartphone

Learn how to use your smartphone the right way to shoot high-quality video content, without any of the typical overhead.

David Ward

David Ward

Dave is the CEO + Founder of Meticulosity and a serial entrepreneur who has spent his 20+ year professional career as an agency owner in digital marketing and web development space.

Your Smartphone Is Your New Production Crew

Imagine this - creating engaging, effective video content in just a few hours, using just your smartphone. You no longer need the traditional “Hollywood” methods involving cameras, tripods, production and lighting crews - that’s a lot of time, people and high overhead production costs. In today’s high-velocity digital world, do you really need all that to deliver effective, engaging video content?

No, you really don't.  A recent survey published by Google shows that video's ability to help people dig into their interests was twice as important as high production quality.

Use your smartphone to shoot high-quality video

smartphone-videoMost people are now walking around with a cell phone with HD or 4K capabilities that can do things that off-the-self cameras couldn’t even do five years ago. By learning how to use your smartphone the right way to shoot video with some simple, inexpensive accessories such as a tripod phone mount and lavalier microphone  (easily purchased off Amazon, with next day delivery!) you can actually capture video that’s almost as good as traditional production, without any of the typical overhead. Of course, if you spend $25,000 on a production crew, it’s going to be slightly better (or realistically, even significantly better) quality.  But does that really matter? Do you viewers notice it? And do they even really care?

Don't Get Stuck With Outdated Content

Traditionally produced content looks nice, but can out date quickly. Is it really bringing you any additional value that you couldn’t just do by creating relevant, engaging content from within the last week that you created on your cell phone?  

With Inbound Video, there is minimal upfront investment, with a much higher velocity into how fast you can publish the content.  Think about how quickly you could react to the market or to customer needs and feedback. Quickly re-shooting or produce new, relevant content relevant to your changing marketplace and audience can take just minutes.

Do more video with less time FOR less money.savings-picart

There’s not a lot of that in the world where you can do more of something and faster with less money these days, is there? 

Our Inbound Video methodology is focused on training in a few key areas:

  • Scripting that is relevant to an offer, engaging to customers and in a way that uses a lot of the same strategies applicable to Inbound Content such as blogging or e-books.  The videos we shoot are typically 2-3 minutes in length once edited, so your script is a one to two page outline with the key points you'll cover with video created in 20 minutes or less.
  • Capturing the content.  You've got the phone with the HD or 4K Camera. Let us teach you some simple lighting tricks, how to position the speaker, things to look out for in the background, and how to shoot B-Roll content, for example.

In just a few sessions, we train you to shoot effective, awesome content, allowing us at Meticulosity to take those raw files and polish them into dynamic, engaging video for your customers.

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