Optimizing AdWords for International Campaigns

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Creating an AdWords campaign for your international market is highly challenging and in order to make the most of it, continuous optimization is crucial. Google AdWords (now called Google Ads) is a robust marketing platform, and even a small oversight can hurt the return on investment (ROI) of your campaigns. In order to achieve your goals with the set ad spend, here are a few areas you can focus on.


Separate Campaigns for Location and Language Targeting

When creating international campaigns for your client, make sure you set up different campaigns for each country. If you are targeting multiple languages, create separate campaigns for each language and optimize them accordingly.

Google Ads allows you reach expatriates with location and language targeting; for example, English speakers who live in Germany. To reach your English-speaking audience in Germany, you can target your location as "Germany" and language as "English."

By setting up a separate campaign for each location and language, you make it easier to manage your account and track each region’s ROI. It also means that you can create customized and targeted campaigns by tailoring your keywords and ad text to each individual market. Separate campaigns can help you track, expand and refine your ads in each language.

Keyword Lists and Ad Texts


Incorporating the right keywords in all languages in your campaign is essential. What’s the point of having ads triggered if they aren’t showing up in front of the right customers? Luckily, there are reports within Google Ads that can help you refine your keywords. The "search terms" report not only makes it easier for you to identify the exact keywords your audience is looking for, but also indicates negative keywords you don’t want your ads to show up for.

Search terms in keyword lists for Google Ads to optimize your campaigns

You can create a negative keywords list, including up to 5,000 negative keywords. A robust keyword list, including negative keywords, will ensure that your ads are being targeted to the best possible audience at all times.

Remember to keep the language consistent, meaning that the keywords and the ad texts must be in the same language. If someone searches for keywords in French, the ads must also appear in French. 

Bid Adjustments

There may be several keywords that fit your business, but it’s the top converting keywords you need to focus on. The average position, cost to conversion, and the number of converted clicks are some of the factors to consider while deciding the top-converting keywords. Once you find out which keywords are outperforming, increasing your bids for them can improve the visibility of your ads. Using mix-matched types for your keywords can help you make the most of your Google Ads spend too.

Responsive Landing Pages

As your ads are directly connected to the landing page, it is important to optimize your landing page as well. Your landing page should be relevant to the ad and the content should be optimized for the keywords you are targeting.

Extension Utilization

Google Ads are not limited to a line of text and a URL these days. there are many opportunities for you to improve the visibility of your ad – and for an international market, with so many more competitors, ad extensions can help you stand out from the crowd. Ad extensions help you showcase key information to your target audience, right from your location and phone number to all the products and services you provide and the discounts you offer.

Google Ads is a great platform to market your business. By optimizing your campaigns, you can improve your clicks and conversions. The results may take time to reflect in your campaigns but if done right, it’s worth the effort. Also, Google is always rolling out new features and extensions to help your ads perform better, so it's always a good idea to keep an eye on all of their announcements and updates.

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