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How to Leverage on Google My Business Insights

[fa icon="calendar'] Sep 24, 2018 / by Erica Matsheza posted in Local Search, Analytics, Google My Business [fa icon="comment"] 1 Comment

Leveraging Google My Business Insights can help you bridge the gap in your local SEO data to more effectively optimize your local listings and improve your overall local strategy.

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Managing NAP Inconsistencies to Improve Local Business Rankings

[fa icon="calendar'] Aug 08, 2018 / by Tanya Wigmore posted in Social Media, SEO, Local Search, Google My Business, Facebook [fa icon="comment"] 3 Comments

Having your local business rank well on Google Maps & Google Local Search Results is absolutely essential to drive new new customers to your store instead of having them wander over to a competitor. Having NAP consistency (name, address, place consistency) is one of the most important things to rank better on Google Maps and get that foot traffic.

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The Link Between Voice Search and Local Search

[fa icon="calendar'] Mar 28, 2018 / by Erica Matsheza posted in SEO, Local Search, Google My Business [fa icon="comment"] 0 Comments

Voice search is transforming the world, and the future of local search now lies in voice. Google has predicted that by 2020, around 50% of search queries will be voice searches. With a great low rating of 4.9% word error rate, Google’s speech recognition technology continues to develop, optimize and perfect voice search experiences. Today, 20 percent of search queries on Google and Android devices are voice searches. Now is the time to optimize local search leveraging voice search strategies.

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Practitioner Listings in Google My Business

[fa icon="calendar'] Mar 22, 2018 / by Erica Matsheza posted in SEO, Local Search, Google My Business [fa icon="comment"] 2 Comments

Google My Business pages, or Google Places pages, are the local business listings that you see in the Google Search Results and Map Search Results to help you find physical business locations. They are incredibly important for local search rankings. But what about when your local practitioners get a lot of search volume, can you optimize local search for individuals?

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Does Your ccTLD Make a Difference for Rankings?

[fa icon="calendar'] Dec 11, 2017 / by Tanya Wigmore posted in SEO, Ecommerce, Local Search [fa icon="comment"] 0 Comments

Yes. In some cases, having a country specific top level domain (your "country code top-level domain", or ccTLD) of the country you are targeting can significantly increase your search engine rankings in that country.

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