What are AdWords Ad Extensions?

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AdWords is consistently changing their ad formats and if you’re not yet aware of what AdWords ad extensions are, I’m going to assume you’re new to the AdWords game. Pre-ad extensions, a Google AdWords text ad was pretty straight forward with a Headline, URL, and Description. Now, a text ad can have a handful of other pieces of information showing including ratings, sitelinks, call or text buttons, and more.With text ads and extensions being modified continuously, there is no longer a standard format to display your ads and you need to be aware of those changes. The type of AdWords extensions you use, and the ones Google selects to display at any time, can greatly change how your ads appear in the search results.

For example, here are four ads that were shown for a search for “hotels in Cayman Islands”: 

AdWords Ad Extensions.png

Types of AdWords Ad Extensions:

Here’s a list of all the AdWords ad extensions you can use to help your ads stand out from the competition.

  • Sitelink Extensions: Google AdWords sitelink extensions allow you to direct potential visitors to a page other than the landing page associated with your ad.
Sitelink Extensions
  • Callout Extensions: Callout extensions are used to highlight your value add. This is where you provide the reasons why someone would want to select you instead of one of your competitors.
adwords callout extensions
  • Structured Snippet Extensions: The new structured snippet extension from Google helps you differentiate your products and services you offer from your competition and allows you include additional details about the business by utilizing 12 headers (such as “Types” or “Destinations”) and a description.
Structured Snippet Extension
  • Call Extensions: AdWords call extensions allow you to show your phone number with a Click to Call option right in your ad.
AdWprds call extensions
  • Message Extensions: When your audience wants to connect with you, but not with a phone call, you can get them to send a text with the "Send a Message" option for those on a mobile device.
google adwords message extensions
  • Location Extensions: The Google AdWords location extension allows you to show your physical business address and phone number with your ads. They include a clickable link so your customers can easily see directions to your establishment.

location extensions

  • Affiliate Location Extensions: As a manufacturer that sells products through retail outlets, the affiliate location extension can help you reach your customers when they want to go to a store (even if it’s not your store). Similar to the AdWords location extensions ad extension, the affiliate location extension will show the nearest location(s) where the product is carried as an address or on a map.
affiliate location extensions
  • Price Extensions: Google’s price extension allows you to display prices for products/services within the ad. On a mobile device, the prices and products you add are displayed in a horizontal sliding format, so that your visitors can swipe through them.
AdWords Price Extension
  • App Extensions: If you have an app, you can highlight it in your text ads using the Google AdWords app extension. Highlighting your app in the search results can be incredibly helpful to drive app downloads.
app extension
  • Review Extensions: A good reputation can go a long way. With Google AdWords review extensions, you can include third-party reviews, awards and testimonials below your text ads.

AdWords Review Extensions

These extensions make your ads more prominent and increases CTR, which makes them great tools to leverage!

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