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How to Make a Blockchain Marketing Video

[fa icon="calendar'] Feb 21, 2018 / by Amy Hayward posted in Video, Content Marketing, FinTech Marketing [fa icon="comment"] 0 Comments

Videos can be a huge asset for most inbound campaigns and in particular, can help show your FinTech product to the masses. People tend to trust brands that offer them educational and helpful content, and in general videos have the ability to increase conversions by 80% or more on landing pages.

So, how can you make the perfect blockchain video that will attract investors, launch your ICO, or convert the masses? Here’s a look at some key areas to focus on when creating your video:

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THIS Is Why We’re All-In on AMP

[fa icon="calendar'] Feb 12, 2018 / by Tanya Wigmore posted in SEO, Video, Mobile Marketing, Analytics, Content Marketing [fa icon="comment"] 0 Comments

If you haven’t heard that the future is mobile first, well, you aren’t reading enough. It’s been established that Google directive is mobile first, that good user experience is mobile first and if you want to remain competitive, you need to be mobile first.

At Meticulosity, we’re all-in on a great user experience and that means we’re all-in on the mobile experience, including Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP.

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How Video Can Help To Market Blockchain Technology

[fa icon="calendar'] Dec 04, 2017 / by Amy Hayward posted in Video, Content Marketing, FinTech Marketing [fa icon="comment"] 0 Comments

Picture the scene: a tiny hotel room in a questionable part of Hong Kong and one man sat with Pikachu and SpongeBob flash drives (one of each respectively) plugged into his laptop using them to run a secret program in order to systematically and utterly destroy cryptographic "toxic waste" that the cryptocurrency zcash creates.

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The Key to Using Video on a Website

[fa icon="calendar'] Aug 30, 2016 / by Lorena Morejon posted in Video [fa icon="comment"] 0 Comments

One type of content that is still not used enough in the world of SEO is online video.

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Do YouTube Video Ads Work?

[fa icon="calendar'] Apr 29, 2016 / by Tanya Wigmore posted in Video [fa icon="comment"] 0 Comments

We’ve all experienced video ads on YouTube and we’ve all waited the appropriate number of seconds to pass before we hit “Skip”, leading many of our prospective online advertising clients to ask “Do YouTube ads even work?”

Google has just released data from a meta-analysis of 56 case studies from brands within six different industries, across eight countries over the last 3 years and supplemented that data with their own research to conclude that yes, YouTube ads are effective and are more effective than TV ads.

“YouTube delivers a higher return on investment than TV in 77% of studies.”


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